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The way that BENAUD Creations operate is modeled on the socio-economic model of the Silk Industry in Lyon, which induces a synergy and strong partnerships with artisans and manufacturers of the Rhône-Alpes region. The Company has built lasting relationships with partners, suppliers and employees, based on trust and respect, hence ensuring the development and longevity of the sector.
From yarn to finished fabric, BENAUD creates a synergy between all stakeholders to bring quality textile solutions though a creative approach. Moire, coating, embroidery, embossing, laminating, finishing techniques, flocking and various impressions, make a wide range of creations possible.

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Exclusive know how – Design and production in Lyon, France

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The soul of BENAUD takes its roots in the rich tradition of Lyon’s silk industry and feeds on the strong technical inputs of Rhone-Alpine’s textile industry. La Maison BENAUD, through its heritage and strong partnerships, creates and manufactures unique, innovative, and technical collections of fabrics. These creations bind tradition, modernity, durability and excellence.

Due to its mastery of the Moire technique, BENAUD has emerged as a reference model on the international scale. La Maison aspires to expand its collaborations with key-players of contemporary art to renew people’s perception on Moire fabrics.
In a step to have long-lasting designs and production model, the company promotes weaving of clean and environment-friendly materials.